The materials used for construction determine the overlook look and appearance of a building. The advent of technology has seen a lot of modification in the design industry. Modern buildings are constructed using different materials depending on the owners' preferences, for example if the owner wants to emphasize the bathtoom, they may choose to install high quality bathroom wall tiles that they know are waterproof and will last for years. These materials include, bricks, glass, wood, concrete reinforced blocks among others. Construction of wooden buildings is more favorable as compared to using bricks due to many reasons as discussed below.

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Insulating Properties

Wood has more insulating properties given the composition of tracheids that contain a lot of air and moisture, making it more insulating, able to adjust to humidity and soundproof. Walls built from wood can recover fast from the external pressure as opposed to brick walls. This makes it appropriate for home building charities to construct their houses in even the most humid areas without fear of collapse. A thick wooden wall has cellulose that acts as a barrier to external heat, making it possible for wooden buildings to survive even in areas that experience a lot of heat. In this case, wood acts a natural air conditioner keeping the temperature constant. The temperature in wooden houses does not fluctuate as compared to brick buildings.

Time and Cost

Charity organizations operate on a lean budget to help many people. Therefore, the issue of cost and time is very prudent when choosing the right building material. Construction of brick walls requires a lot of labor thus increasing the overall costs. Additionally, the process of brick making and construction using bricks takes a lot of time unlike wood. When it comes to constructing a good building fast and at an affordable price, wooden buildings are the best. The insulation properties of wood reduce the expenditure on air conditioning and heating especially with changes in temperature.

Weather Resistance

Wooden houses are long lasting and less affected by changes in weather due to their resistance to weather related wearing. Wood from trees harvested at an advanced age are very strong and durable. After harvesting, they lose the water in their cells causing crystallization, which strengthens and makes them resistant to adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, building a house from bricks depends on the attraction between the brick and mortar in order for it to remain stable for long. The effectiveness of mortar is further reduced by rain and cold making the building unstable. If the bricks are not treated against weather conditions during construction, they break and weaken the installed mortar.

Light and strong

Buildings constructed from coniferous wood are much stronger and lighter compared to brick buildings. In case of an earthquake, the wooden structure is less affected due to its weight as compared to a brick structure of the same strength. The heavier a building is, the more the earthquake affects it.

Shifting danger

There are places that experience slight but regular land shifts. These shifts are caused by moving soil caused by snow, rain and seismic activities. Constructing a brick house in areas without solid rock foundations can be fatal. This instability requires a building material that can sustain the shifting. The solution lies in wood.